As I mentioned previously, I sent Dan off to Frankfurt to pick up a copy of the July 2010 Burda for me. And as I alluded to in yesterday’s poetry, this leaves your Selfish Seamstress in the position of being at home with no one to cook supper for her. Hrrmph. That Dan can be so inconsiderate sometimes. What about me? WHERE’S MY DINNER?

The silver lining in all of this negligence and inconvenience is that it’s left me a little more time to sew in the evening. Since I’m not wasting time sitting down to dinner and using precious seconds grunting one-word replies to his pleasant conversation, I’m making good progress on my leopard jacket. No, not that leopard jacket which is still hanging unfinished. Instead I wanted to do some absolutely mindless sewing. (Not that the first leopard jacket is terribly complicated, but I don’t feel like doing the fiddly work of transferring my fit alterations back onto the pattern so I can cut an identical underlining. Whew, my attention is wandering just typing about it.)

So here’s a sneak peek at my latest low-effort, high-drama project. It’s not finished yet, but it’s assembled enough to bear a strong resemblance to what it will look like when it’s finished.

With Dan out of town (again, what about *my* needs?), and Sasa giving her usual “But I have paws and also I’m sleeping” excuse, I’m back to taking slightly fuzzy photos of myself in the bathroom mirror.

The jacket is made of my silvery leopard print duchesse satin impulse buy from which I wanted to make something va-va-voom-y. I’m not sure if you can tell from this angle, but it does have a little smidge of va-va-voom to it. I think I like it so far- the cut is fantastic and the fit is spot on right out of the envelope (after I graded down a size). My only concern is that it’s a wee bit on the cougar-y side. Not cougar print, but cougar lady. I’m not sure if the garment reads more “vintage-shop-funky-chic” or more “maybe-my-nephew-has-some-cute-friends-at-college.” I don’t mean to say that I think I look like a cougar in it, but perhaps like I filched something out of a cougar’s closet :) Anyway, it just needs some finishing at this point, after which I’ll show it to you in detail (once Dan is back to do my photo-taking bidding), and you can tell me thumbs up or thumbs down on the final product.

Oh, and I actually *did* cook myself a proper supper last night. As for washing the dishes used to make and consume said supper, surely that can wait until Dan gets back. He’ll need something to occupy his time when the jetlag keeps him up. See how I’m always thinking of him?