Remember back in the good old days before the Selfish Seamstress decided that knitting was somehow a reasonable use of her time and she actually used to sew? Remember the leopard print coat project?

Well, this is as far as I got before I put it aside. I had basted it all together, edited the fit to my liking (fitted!) and done what I thought was the final stitching and some very meticulous topstitching. All it needed was the collar, lining, finishing:

The material is so soft and lovely, the fit was looking good, and did I mention that the topstitching is meticulous? Because it is:

It’s my beloved triple straight stitch in dark brown thread. And how about this pocket?

Well, say goodbye to all of it, girls, because I’m taking the whole thing apart. Yep, I was all satisfied and on the brink of having a nice, soft, new leopard jacket, when I stumbled upon my old inspiration photo for this garment:

Sigh.  It has such body to it, such crispness. I’ve decided that I have to at least aim for a little more crispness, and soft simply won’t do. I had already lined the front with Armo-Weft. For some reason a salesperson in Germany (where I first started sewing for real) recommended Armo-Weft as a good interfacing for coats and jackets and as a result I use it often, but I think I’m going to stop as it really doesn’t seem to offer any body at all. The plan now is to interface the whole body of the coat with a heavyweight sew-in interfacing, the sleeves maybe in muslin. The Selfish Seamstress is never satisfied.

Of course, my local fabric store, which gets away with ridiculous prices and “eh” quality because it’s practically the only game in town, doesn’t sell interfacing that is wider than 22″. Seriously! So I had to buy six yards of it for an above-the-knee jacket! And of course, narrow as it is, it’s still not 1/3 the price of 60″ interfacing either. The salesperson explained, “Well, people only use interfacing for collars, so you don’t need it to be wide.” Whatever. How’s that polyester glitter organza bridesmaid dress coming along?  What’s that you say?  You finished it and now you’re working on homemade Snuggies?  How fun!

But don’t think my snobby contempt for the store kept me from a couple of fun new acquisitions. The Selfish Seamstress doesn’t really have principles and isn’t above hypocrisy.

The one on the left is another (!) leopard print, this in a very matte slightly stretch satin in a silvery shade (not metallic). I want to do something very va-va-voomy with it, or at least as close to va-va-voom as one can get without much natural va or voom. Wiggle skirt or perhaps I’ll finally get around to Vogue 1117. The one on the right is an oversize navy and white polka dot (with a quarter there for comparison.) It’s on the heavy side, like duck, and it’s all cotton with a nifty rib texture:

This one is definitely destined for a skirt, maybe a pencil or a BurdaStyle Marie, though I suspect that shape would have a foreshortening effect on me. But I love the idea of a skirt with giant navy polka dots, paired with a dainty white blouse and red accessories.

Oh, and in blocking news, Sasa has now discovered the left side of the Swallowtail Shawl: