Burda’s 7.2010 full preview is now linked off of the German BurdaMag site. (Remember, no more English BurdaMag site anymore, boo hoo!) Actually the preview has been linked off of the Russian site since this weekend, but I didn’t really have time to go through it.  Well, as the first preview suggested, it’s looking very promising indeed.  First there are the things that I want to wear:

That top totally reminds me of one I had back in college from Anthropologie and it’s making me nostalgic.

Then there’s the stuff that I really want to wear even though I’m not sure I could pull them off.  I may try anyway:

I have just the right wool flannel for those pants too. I love the pleats-with-no-front-fly look!

Then there are the things that definitely wouldn’t look good on me but that *you* should wear because they are kind of great:

And then there are the things that NO ONE should wear. I’ve harped on the ruffle sleeve blouse twice already, so that one goes without saying. But also:

I have to say, the “bones” of these two aren’t great to start, but the fabric choices are definitely not helping. Bedazzled purple for a vest just screams “crazy lady” and seriously- heather grey jersey? Are these the pants that harem girls wear when they go to the gym to shoot some hoops? I like how I’ve arranged those two images on top of one another too because they look like a crazy harem outfit together. Or maybe like what a genie wears to bed.

[Incidentally, the preview also clears up the “Hello, College” versus “Hello Colleague” question I posed in my post about the first preview. Even native German speakers fell on both sides in their guesses as to what Burda intended. In the full preview, that spread is labeled “Auf dem Campus,” which translates to “On campus.”]

Anyway, the Selfish Seamstress is tapping her fingers together in giddy excitement. It just so happens that Dan is going to be flying through the Frankfurt airport later this week, and he may just be called upon to snag a copy for his Selfish lady from Relay, as well as a couple of Kinder Pingui from Quickers while he’s at it. Come this weekend, she hopes to be flipping through it with selfish fingers all sticky with chocolate.