First of all, the technical drawings are now online for the 7.2010 BurdaMag.  And the issue is continuing to look very good.

Better still, they’ve got some new images for the finished garments, and that “Campus Style” feature just keeps getting better and better. By which I mean taller and taller. Remember the image from the early preview from last week in which we all had a good chuckle about the tall hot professor surrounded by her preppy elfin male students?  Why, Professor Burda, you’re beautiful!

Well, it would appear that in the final cut, Professor Burda has only grown more towering!

Those young men barely reach the big floppy bow of her pristine white blouse. She’s got to be about 7 feet tall here, right? As a professor herself, the Selfish Seamstress can say that this is not what she looks like when chatting with her students. Then again, she doesn’t teach Advanced Barbershop Quartet courses like Professor Burda apparently does.

I hope we see more of Professor Burda in the future though- maybe next time she’ll be doing something like this:

And with an unusual figure like that, you know she’s got to be sewing for herself.