You know when something is so terrible and horrifying and bad, but you just can’t stop looking at it because it’s a total train wreck? Well, I have to stop looking at this train wreck because every time I do, it just makes me MAD. Beeyatch (and by that I mean one beeyatch in particular), if you want to make fun of the Selfish Seamstress, go ahead and do so and expect to pay the consequences. BUT YOU DO NOT MAKE FUN OF DAN. Calling him out as an example of bad style?? That is *SO* not cool. Only the Selfish Seamstress is permitted to make fun of Dan.

Sure, Dan may have a skeleton in his closet as the result of a mandatory home ec project in junior high in which he was given almost no creative control, but doesn’t it say something that he’s game for putting it on for a photo? And the guy is no style slouch. I mean, how many guys do you know who are comfortable in pink or purple:

And will confidently leave the house in man capris, and look great in them?

And can rock technical athletic gear:

And be just as comfortable and in an elegant tuxedo?

Sure, he may not be a fashion innovator, or walking around the city looking like Joan Collins if all of her clothes were made of old tatty bedsheets. But he always looks appropriate, lovely, and effortless no matter what he wears or where he goes. And if Mr. I’m-52-And-Still-Haven’t-Figured-Out-My-Personal-Style doesn’t think that’s the very definition of “style,” he going to need more help than a handful of reader comments and suggestions.

So, in Male Pattern Insecurity-style, readers, I present you with a poll. Please weigh in!

In short, do NOT mess with the Selfish Seamstress’s well-dressed man. She’s armed with blog and she’s not afraid to use it.