In typical Selfish Seamstress fashion, I finds myself days before a wedding (not my own) with no outfit planned. My recent Pants-with-a-bow project reminded me of a vintage dress from the 1950s I purchased some months ago with a side embellishment thing, and I thought it might be a good choice for the wedding. However, it needs a fair bit of rehab. (The color in real life is much more of a grayish blue than a sky blue):

I think I’m am going to shorten the length by about 3″ all the way around, including the side drape (not the sash though). I also need to shorten the straps a bit, and there’s so loose ruching across the bust that needs to be tightened up. Other than that, the fit in the bodice is great (surprising since 1950s dresses in small sizes are usually either too small in the waist or too large in the bust for my very not-1950s figure). There’s also a lot of small re-tacking of stuff here and there that needs to happen. I’ll come back with the after pictures if I’m successful!

Oh, and you’ll see I’m wearing two different shoes.  This is where I need your help.  From a style standpoint, I like the taupe satin T-straps better. From a color standpoint, the silver leather ankle strap shoes are a better match. They just look so not vintage though. The taupe ones are more comfortable, but I’m not too concerned about that, as I’m an expert high heel wearer. What do you think?  (This is the full extent of my non-black evening shoe collection, I’m afraid, and with a size 5 foot, there’s no chance of just running out and picking something out at a department store on the quick.)

UPDATE: Here are better photos of the shoes- I suspect they’re not reading properly in the outdoor photos. Taupe satin T-strap with rhinestone buckle:

Silver leather ankle strap with bow: