I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, hooray for the Russian Burda site. Like clockwork, July starts and the August sneak peek is online! Большое спасибо, Burda!

This time, I have to start with the crazy first. Because it’s just too crazy to leave it to the end. To preface with a little buildup, I’ve been pointing out for a while some of the interesting man candy that the recent issues of Burda have been offering, like Shirtless Guy from the April issue:

And Steamy Guy from June:

Followed up by short, doofy, young Hot-for-Teacher Guys in the July issue, which I honestly thought was about as weird as it could get (sit tight, it turns out The Selfish Seamstress was mistaken and it does get weirder):

And now, my dear readers, Burda is pushing the the boundaries once again in August with… CLOWN LOVE:

[10 seconds of stunned silence]

I mean…


I am interpreting it correctly, that they are meant to be a couple, right?  She’s not just at a circus where there happens to be a clown, right? There is some snuggling, no? The clown looks so pensive… I… I…

I guess I like his pants?

Let’s just move on.

August is always one of my favorite issues- it’s the start of the August/September/October/November set of issues, which in my opinion is peak season for Burda. I love the fall clothes and the coats, the substantial sewing projects that you want to keep forever, in between the frivolous, fun summer issues and the evening-gown-heavy December (and sometimes November) issues. And there are some really nice classic jackets this time around:

As usual, the plus options are classic, versatile, elegant, and wearable:

But I’m really really excited about the Jackie O.- inspired feature:

Mmmmm… I love it. I’m such a sucker for back drapes. And this strikes me as more Audrey than Jackie.

I think this next dress has some serious chic potential. It could go either way. I’m not keen on the length and I’m curious to see the technical drawing when it comes out:

(Actually, I just reread the text for this picture and it says it’s a jacket with a matching knee-length dress with a ruffle.  Hmm, doesn’t look like it, but okay.)

And finally:

Okay, I’m guessing by the looks of this that the jacket is definitely one of the patterns, but oh oh oh oh oh I hope the dress is too! Look at that beautiful draping! It would be utterly cruel of Burda to show us that dress and not let us have it. Fingers crossed!

So, the August preview is looking good so far- none of the garments in the preview are really crazytown. But you know what?  When you give one of your models a clown boyfriend, you’ve more than fulfilled everyone’s crazytown needs. Thank you, Burda! And I cannot wait to see one of your September models holding hands with a guy in a radiation suit or snuggling up to Swamp Thing!