Sometimes it’s hard to avoid peeking into the mouth of the gift horse when it’s standing right in front of you. In a twist of karmic imbalance, I woke this morning, my day of departure from New York, to find an email in my inbox from BurdaStyle, telling me I had won one of their Holiday Giveaway prizes! A Threads DVD box set about fitting, a year’s subscription to Threads, and 9 issues of Sew Stylish. All this after having spent nearly two weeks selfishly running around New York, collecting beautiful yards of fabric, notions, and sewing books with which to pad my suitcase. It seems almost wickedly unfair, but not so much that I won’t happily accept the prize AND brag about it to you on my blog. But really, isn’t it about time that the sewing gods lay some smack down on me for my greed and hubris?

I didn’t enter in many of the BurdaStyle Holiday Giveaways- just the three or four that I thought I’d really like, like the serger and sewing machine and the $100 gift certificate for Mood.  I skipped out on the irons (having just won one a super nice one from Pattern Review), the craftier fabric giveaways, the accessories and gifty items. I certainly wasn’t expecting to win anything, so it was pretty exciting, especially considering that I just bought my first issue of Threads in December and had been thinking that I should subscribe. I had never really considered it in the past because the garments in Threads always feel a little… “mature” for my taste.  But as I’ve actually started to think more about workmanship and technique, I’ve started to realize what a nifty resource it is. THANK YOU, BURDASTYLE!

So, undeserving as the Selfish Seamstress is of yet another sewing windfall, she’s eagerly anticipating yet another batch of mine-mine-mine! goodies. 

And as if that weren’t enough to tempt the gods to strike me down for my gluttony, as I was doing a last pass through my parents’ place before departing for the airport for things I might have left behind, I happened upon an adorable little Burberry tote in a box in a closet. After a (very cursory) investigation into the bag’s provenance, I determined that it was an orphan that my sister had abandoned some years ago.  And so it went into the last bit of space in my suitcase. And that, my friends, is how you do Selfish right.

And don’t think for a moment that it didn’t occur to me to make a last-minute jaunt to Mood to pick up something tan and expensive to match. If I’d have just one more spare hour in NY, I would have. But that probably would have been the Selfish Seamstress’s last straw with the sewing gods.