Remember the Pattern Review Little Black Dress contest? I entered my Audrey-inspired dress and was the lucky winner.  The first prize for the contest was supposed to be a Hamilton Beach Smart Lift Iron, valued at $70.  Well, guess what!  Package came in the mail today, and I was all a-flutter about it.  And I opened the box, and out came…. this!

That, my friends, is a Hamilton Beach Voice Activated 12-cup coffee maker. It says, “Press once & Talk” on the box.  Hmmm.  The Selfish Seamstress does not drink coffee, so I guess I will just have to talk to it about other things?

My dear friend Martine suggests, “Maybe somewhere some barista-winner of a ‘best made coffee’ award is out there staring at a voice-activated iron, going ‘WTF’?”

Indeed :) 

The good folks at Hamilton Beach wrote me back and apologized for the mistake and said they’d send me an iron right away.  Nice job, HB customer service!  As for the coffee maker, it’s mine to do with what I please (generous!), which is an interesting situation for a non-coffee drinker.  Dan seems to do just fine with his 2-cup machine.  Hmmmm….