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Ah, to live a Burda life.  Recently I’ve been amusing myself by thinking how funny it would be to live one’s life according to BurdaMag.  You’d go on safari sometime around March with all of your khaki dresses (the new Sarfari Look!),  put on your dirndl and head over to Tirol in September (Folklore!). Sometime soon after the holidays you’d go on some sort of sailing vacation with your navy, white, and red wardrobe (the trendy Marine Style!), in October you’d rediscover your inner hippie and break out all the paisley chiffon, corduroy pants, and faux suede vests (Boho Luxe!), sometime during the summer you’d go on a kick of wearing nothing but black with white (a Classic Combination newly interpreted!), and of course you’d get married every April.

Burda’s 2.2010 full preview is available online as of yesterday, and this month Burda ladies will be going sailing (surprise, surprise), going country Western, rediscovering the rockin’ 50s, and, um, going to work wearing yellow. Those of you who have been following along know that I’ve been taking a hiatus from new issues since my subscription ran out in October, waiting for something I really want to make before I renew.  I’m waffling on this issue and considering resubscribing. The lovely low-backed sheath dress in the photo above (you know it’s 1950s style because the model is interacting with a jukebox.  Which appears to be in a Macy’s. What?) is the only thing that I’m actually excited about. 

That being said, the issue is chock full of basics that look well cut and, while perhaps not tremendously new or innovative, would be good for making wardrobe staples or for using as blocks.

A sleek pant with a slight boot cut and smooth waistband and flat front- a nice relief for people like me who don’t look good in the pleated, tapered pants or super skinny pants that Burda has been featuring heavily in recent months:

A not so basic raglan with the deep, wide V-neck that I love to wear:

A simple skirt that begs to be done up in brown cotton stretch sateen with a fun contrast topstitching (spring green?  turquoise? yellow?):

A classic jean jacket:

A raglan T that I might not sew as is (then again, I own two rather expensive Sisley tops in ribbed rayon-cotton blend with this exact cut that I wear a whole lot so maybe!), but would be a a good block to have in one’s arsenal alongside the traditional sloper bodice:

Also, I like the shaping of this jacket with the dart and princess seam combo. The lapels might need to be toned down some:

Anyway, I don’t love the clothes in the issue, but the technical drawings are making me think that this issue wouldn’t be a bad investment.  Time to resubscribe maybe?