Do you like Selfish Seamstress haikus? Do you want to use them to send a message to all the people who think you can just whip up a dress or stitch on missing buttons for them in all of your copious free time?

The Selfish Seamstress is considering opening a (not selfish) shop to benefit her favorite animal shelters, P.A.W.S. Chicago and the Atlanta Humane Society (where she met her beloved kitty Sasa). 100% of the proceeds would be donated to the shelters. Above are some samples I made (virtually).  The real ones might be a little different.  Prices would probably be something like $13 for the mug, $20 for the shirt, and $24 for the Sigg water bottle.

The question is, what kind of Selfish Seamstress Haiku charity merchandise would you want to see?