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I like I like their generous free shipping policy for orders over $35. I’ve gotten some lovely fabric from them in the past. Today in a fabric shop in NYC, I saw one of the same Vera Wang brocades that was selling for $3.79 last week going for $40 a yard. But I must take issue with the fact that the Vera Wang Lavender Label jacquard that I purchased from them was pictured on the website like this:


And when I took it out of the shipping box, I found it actually looks like this:

As you can see, this is more than just a small matter of monitors varying in how they display color.  The name of the fabric on the website is, “Designer Woven Jacquard Circles Navy.” Granted, I thought (based on the website picture) that the classification of the color as “navy” was a bit off, as I would sooner have called it “periwinkle” or “blue-violet” or something like that. But as it turns out, we were both wrong. The fabric is pretty much black.  There may be the ever slightest tinge of blue to it, but you’d have to know it was there to notice it.  My greatest concern when purchasing it was that I didn’t know how big the circles were going to be! Turns out there were other surprises in store.

The fabric itself isn’t horrible for what it is.  It’s stiff and synthetic-feeling, but if I saw it in a store, I wouldn’t think it was bad.  It was just that I was expecting something much more special- those nifty bull’s eyes in lovely graduated shades of violet. Ah well. Disappointing. But I got some pretty stuff in the brick and mortar stores today in which I will be rubbing your envious noses just as soon as I can get some nice photographs taken :)

The Selfish Seamstress can’t resist the opportunity to be Selfish at bargain basement prices. Have you seen the crazy sale on Vera Wang Lavender Label fabric at The same amber floral brocade that I purchased about a month ago at about $12 a yard is now $3.99! So I went on a bit of bender and ended up ordering seven yards of Vera Wang fabric for $27! You know I’m excited about it when I put it in both bold and italic. Then I tossed in a yard and a half of stretch denim to sew some jeans and to make the free shipping quota. Here’s what I’ve got coming:

Top row left is a charcoal wool blend stretch suiting from Vera Wang, on sale for $5.99/yard, slated for a Narciso Rodriguez-inspired dress.  Top row right is a Vera Wang navy blue jacquard on sale for $3.19 perhaps for a Cynthia Rowley pattern.  Bottom left is a Vera Wang $2.79 cream poly/spandex jersey for a goddess dress I’m drafting in my head.  And bottom right is a stretch denim (bought at the regular price of $9.98) which is exactly what I’ve been looking for- I love that it has white threads in the warp and the weft, which looks very modern, I think.

As soon as all this life-sucking sewing-for-other-people is done, I’m going to be all over this like butter on a hot biscuit. Which I will eat in front of everyone without offering a bite.

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