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As if things couldn’t get busier here in Selfish Land, the Selfish Seamstress’s parents arrived in town last night for a weeklong visit.  For those who have been keeping track, that means that both Mommy Selfish and Daddy Selfish are in town, as well as the future Selfish Mother-in-Law, and the future Selfish Father-in-Law. This is a lot of parents all at once. And not a lot of sewing time.

You may be wondering what sort of horrible selfish people must have to join forces in order to spawn something as wickedly selfish as the Selfish Seamstress. Surely many have asked, “What must her parents be like??” Well, it may surprise you to know that the Selfish Seamstress’s parents are actually remarkably generous and unselfish people. This allows them to be more easily taken advantage of by their selfish daughter. (From a genetic standpoint, it seems likely that there was some sort of selfish mutation that led to me being the way I am, as my sisters were raised in the same environment and failed to manifest or develop any particularly selfish traits.)

Case in point, they very kindly lugged a whole suitcase full of fabric on their trip.  Not the little roll-aboard kind either, but a bona fide suitcase, almost large enough to fit Selfish herself. Obviously you are not interested in the suitcase, but its contents:

Now, lest you think that my parents are actually so generous as to BUY a suitcase’s worth of fabric for me, I should state that I selected and paid for these items myself. I simply had them shipped to my parents’ house because it is cheaper to do so and I figured I could sucker them into transporting them for me. Evil plan successfully executed. And yes, before you doubt me, the Selfish Seamstress could probably have suckered her Unselfish Parents into buying her a ton of fabric, but she trusts no one’s taste but her own. And so she raided some recent fabulous sales at Fabric Mart and

Top row from right to left: 50/50 wool silk blend flannel suiting in black with a faint gray woven pinstripe; super lightweight gray tropical weight wool with a faint stripe, heathered brown tropical weight wool with a brushed finish, smooth and drapey cool brown tropical weight suiting, charcoal gray tropical suiting with a twill weave

Middle row from left to right: Rich teal wool coating (actually from The Wool Connection), deep inky blue stretch denim slightly streaky, dark gray stretch denim

Bottom row from left to right: black and white graphic print ponte di roma (this claims to be nylon, but it feels more like a poly-rayon. It’s not the nicest texture, but I fell for the print, and at $1.95 a yard, it seemed to be asking for a trip in my shopping cart), silver gray swimwear fabric (this one is wooow really shiny. Not a foil, thank goodness, but so much more reflective than I expected.)

And for all you  fabric pr0n lovers, here are so close ups, color adjusted for better accuracy:

Oh, yeah, and they also brought me shoes.

Just as I was making some good progress depleting my stash, a new shipment of stash-to-be shows up. And that means more rambling about sewing to you guys, instead of actually sewing! I received a couple of basics, but they’re not so photogenic in their unsewn state so they won’t be making an appearance in this entry.  I would, however, like to introduce you to 3.5 yards of cotton and silk blend poplin in the perfect shade of teal blue:


I don’t think your monitor can properly convey the luxurious, jealousy-inducing qualities of this fabric.  Trust me, if you were here now, we’d be tugging at both ends of it, screaming very unladylike things at each other.  It’s not shiny like charmeuse, although it looks shiny in the photo. Instead it’s glowy like a sandwashed silk but without the dusty haze.  It doesn’t reflect light; it gives off light.  Well, not really but it sure looks like it.  And the color is intense without being bright- my favorite kind of color to wear.

I had the poplin earmarked for Simplicity 2497, the lovely Cynthia Rowley pattern above. And then when I saw the fabric, I had a pang of doubt.  Not because it isn’t a wonderful match for the pattern, but rather because the pattern is just so trendy.  The cinched paper bag silhouette, the frothy ruffle on the neck, it’s all very this moment.  But this is long-term-relationship, wear-it-for-years fabric. So I pondered, should I make a more classic dress from it?  Perhaps a slim shirt with sharp collar and French cuffs to be paired with wool trousers for work?  And so I agonized- go with a classic design that would maximize my time with this lovely fabric, or bite the bullet and make a cute dress for now? And then it dawned on me, like a bolt of selfish lightning: MAKE THE DRESS AND BUY MORE OF THE FABRIC. Sometimes the Selfish Seamstress surprises even herself with her cleverness and problem-solving skills.

(Ok, fine, since you’re looking at me with those envious eyes, I’ll tell you. The fabric is from, but don’t buy it all up or I will cut you.  It won’t be the first time that the Selfish Seamstress has resorted to violence where fabric is involved.)

And next up, the Vera Wang brocade that I mentioned in a recent post:


Well, it certainly is intense and exudes vintage luxury. It has a satiny face and when I pleat it in my hands, it’s simply decadent.  It does also, as some readers commented, bear a strong resemblance to curtains.  But the kind of curtains that would make me think, “Ooh, those curtains would make a pretty dress.”  I’m still pondering the Vogue 1117 Michael Kors pattern for it, but the stiffness of the fabric (like a heavy taffeta) is also making me think I should opt for something with a little bit more architecture to the skirt. 

Anyway, that’s what turned up here at Chez Selfish yesterday. If you’re feeling sick with envy, I can’t blame you. The best way to get over it is to acquire some pretty things yourself and then start a blog so you can brag about them to other people. Such is the way of the truly Selfish Seamstress.

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