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The Parity Dress, my knockoff of the Anthropologie Verite dress is finished!  Actually that’s a lie because I need to do some finishing on the inside still.  But you know how that goes. And I still don’t have a brown belt for it.

Overall it came out reasonably well.  The sweetheart neckline I drafted is not as graceful as that on the original but it’s certainly wearable.  After I sewed in the boning, the front started having those puckery horizontal creases which were not there before, and I’m not sure what to do about that.  The bodice is neither too tight nor too loose so they’re not due to pulling or sagging. It looks like it’s pulling taut across my torso, but it’s actually not- depending on how I’m standing, the front even pulls a bit away from my body. I looked at a bunch of photos of ready-to-wear strapless dresses online, and it seems that this is not an uncommon problem with this type of bodice.  But I’m curious to know how to fix it. 

Anyway, pattern will be up eventually, once I have a free evening to trace it all, cut it all up, and upload it (tedious!) 

[Incidentally, “parity” is a concept in mathematics the refers to the even-ness or odd-ness of an integer.  When dealing with binary numbers, parity is determined by the value of the least significant bit, either a 0 (even) or a 1 (odd).  Why did I name this dress “The Parity Dress”?  Because the word “parity” sounds kind of like “verite.” And because I am a dork.]

Made some minor progress last night on my knockoff of the Anthropologie Verite dress.  Adjusted some of the fit on the bodice and drafted a skirt for it.  The fit is pretty good overall now, but the drapey-ness of the fabric is starting to worry me, as it’s causing some wrinkles in the bodice that I’m not sure will go away once I put in the boning.  Maybe I should take it apart and interline all the pieces with muslin?  Sigh, all that topstitching to unpick. I might first try lining with silk taffeta to give it some more body. Anyway, here it is in its current state, shown with a black belt because I don’t have a brown one yet.  

Hmm- there is a big crease in the skirt that I thought I pressed out.  Anyway, all that’s left (if I don’t underline the bodice) is to do a lining with facings, add the boning, insert zipper, hem, and that should be it. [I took my head out of the photo because it looks crazy. Crazy head!]

Well, here’s a novel concept: Actually sewing something.  

That’s right, after weeks of me rambling on and on about books and fabric and my mom, rants on the undeserving, butcherings of a beautiful Japanese art form, I’m back home with Dan, my cat, and my dear, sweet Husqvarna. Last night I put all of my lovely new fabric on the shelf (oh dear, the stash needs some reorganizing and possibly some purging) and then promptly took out a big remnant that I’ve had sitting around for a while.

I love this fabric. I got it at Vogue in Chicago and it was one of those fabrics that just jumped out at me as I walked by the tables- the kind of warm coffee-and-chocolate brown tones that I love with a subtle but interesting diagonal not-quite-herringbone pattern that make it perfect for the kind of office-appropriate slacks, slim skirts, and sheath dresses that I always gravitate towards making. Sure, it was one of those rolls on which the fiber content was described as “assorted,” but it has a lovely, substantial drape and is nice and soft and smooth.  I’m going to assume there’s some rayon in there.

And as per your feedback, I decided to bump up the knockoff of the Anthropologie Verite dress on my priority queue.  Remember this one?

I drafted up a muslin using the bodice of my Delancey Dress as a block, which (duh) made for a pretty good fit on the first try. Just a bit of a pinch under the arms at each side seam, and then off to the fashion fabric. I’m calling it the Parity Dress for now. Here’s where I am with it thus far:

It occurs to me now that I should really take photos in progress, as that might be more useful than these sort of halfway-done still shots. But sometimes my sewing process is so weird and wrong and ad hoc that that would do more harm than good. For example, because I still haven’t figured out a good dress form solution, I started out by holding up a muslin of half of the bodice of my Delancey Dress to my body over my bra with one hand and then standing in front of a mirror and sketching the under bust style lines directly on it with a Sharpie with my other hand. Surely no one needs to see photos of that! (Yes, I know. Either get a dress form or learn to pin into own flesh. I’m working on it.)

Well, fingers crossed for a good end result, as I love that Anthropologie dress and it’s exactly the sort of thing that would NEVER even come close to fitting my short and shapeless body if I bought it from a store. Who knows?  If it works out well, there might even be another free pattern in it for you. More soon!

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