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The Selfish Seamstress thought she’d be taking a little hiatus from hatred. She thought all major foes had been brought to your attention and she’d have a little breather before a new enemy appeared on the horizon. (Well, except that she did shatter several dishes last week when she discovered that Nemesis JuebeJue had started her own sickeningly adorable and helpful sewing blog.) Suffice it to say, she didn’t account for another possibility- the  re-emergence of an old nemesis!

Selfish Seamstress Nemesis Myk, a.k.a. “Inspirational Nemesis,” has been on the Selfish Seamstress’s radar for years now, but had been relatively quiet in recent months before exploding back on the BurdaStyle scene a couple of days ago, reawakening new fears in the Selfish Seamstress. Despite the fact that Myk sews under several aliases, the Selfish Seamstress managed to keep an eye on her and her increasingly threatening sewing and design skills. Why is Myk such a dangerous enemy? I’ll explain.

1) When I first became aware of Myk, she seemed like your all-around skillful hobby seamstress, with a good eye for fabrics and an ability to take your average BurdaStyle pattern and turn it into a pretty garment, like this Tara top:


Pretty, right? At the time, I admired the top but felt no fear. I thought to myself, “That’s a cute top.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to sew well with silky fabrics like that.” She made me trust her, she made me like her. And once I did, she brought out the terrifyingly brilliant design skills:

Argh!  Look at that brilliant detailing, the way the fabric is molded so beautifully over the model’s figure. Clearly she set me up to think she was just your average talented home seamstress, when she was actually a powerful sewing and design force in the making.

2) If you are snorting with envy at that innovative bodice, you’re not going to like what comes next. Myk is a fabric artist. She thinks of things that haven’t been done before and incorporates them into gorgeous clothing. Who needs to copy the runway when you can come up with new ways of manipulating fabric like these?



Seriously, has anyone ever made anything so artistic and sexy that incorporated a flamingo before?

3) If you have any pinch of selfish seamstress to your character, you are writhing in jealousy right now. How could anyone be so clever?  How could anyone find so many new and nifty things to do with fabric and incorporate them into clothing that looks incredibly chic rather than like an arts and crafts project? I hate to kick you when you’re down, but I have to tell you, it gets worse. Much worse. Myk’s work is not only beautiful on the outside, it’s beautiful on the inside as well. The only thing is, there’s no telling which is the inside and the outside WHEN YOU CAN MAKE THINGS F$@#*ing REVERSIBLE. And I’m not talking about a simple cape or wrap skirt either. We’re talking about some serious, planet-threatening design and engineering skill:

Yep, that’s ONE coat. Modeled twice by the gorgeous Myk herself. Oh, and in case you thought it might be a fluke, here’s another:

I know, right? Who knew that the woman behind that cute little Tara top could be capable of this kind of sewing warfare?

4) Finally, Myk has wound up majorly on the Selfish Seamstress’s bad side (though it’s questionable whether the Selfish Seamstress has a good side, or even a less-bad side) on account of the fact the Selfish Seamstress can’t help but want to emulate Myk and her brilliant designs. Remember the Selfish Seamstress’s old Hepburn-inspired sheath dress? Did she get the idea from watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s?  NO.  She got the idea from Myk, and her adorable babydoll styled version.  Sigh.

Myk is a threat to all of our sewing security. Anyone else feeling pretty insecure right now? And I’m pretty sure she’s on the offensive.  In addition to posting her works of sartorial genius on her blog, she’s also opened an Etsy shop so she further expose the world to her dangerous sewing and design skills! Arm yourself with knowledge, readers. Go visit those sites to make sure you know what we’re up against. And maybe pick up one of her gorgeous custom-made creations for yourself while you’re at it. 

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