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I check the sales on from time to time but rarely get excited over them.  But today there’s a sale on Magaschoni (why oh why had I never heard of them before??) and it’s like a dream in which Audrey Hepburn takes your hand and says, “Would you like me to take you on a tour of my closet, delightfully updated with current colors and detailing?” I would happily wear almost anything from the sale, but here are the ones that are really getting me:







I think I can figure out how to draft most of those myself as the shapes are pretty straightforward.  And I’ll probably never even get around to most of them because my need for silky things and flouncy ruffles is not super urgent.  But what is urgent is this top which I *MUST* have and have no idea how to draft!

Brilliant readers, I implore you to help me!  How do I do this?  What does the draft of that center bib piece look like? How can I make something so impossibly gorgeous and graceful?  Your advice please- I must have this top, and my French blue bamboo knit is languishing in my stash.  It is an emergency because I will indeed perish if I don’t have this top. Please help.

[P.S. I think is now open to anyone to browse and shop, but if not and you need an account, just email me at selfishseamstress[at]gmail[dot]com, and I’ll send you an invite.]

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