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Well, here we are, May 29th, on the brink of summer in the northern hemisphere, and this is the view from my window:

So since it would appear that I’m living in the Arctic, I think I shall abandon my plans to get started on a pretty, breezy navy shirtdress for the time being and get started on an autumn jacket. Another jacket. Another McCall 5525 to be precise. I should be able to sew it in my sleep after the last two. And I’ll use this leopard print peachskin (?) that I picked up in Montreal.

Other than that, I’ll spend the day whining and pitying myself and bemoaning the not-very-summery weather. So, pretty much like any other day here at Chez Selfish :)

For the first time in a while, I actually had a block of several hours in which to sit down and sew. So I did.  Here’s progress on my McCall 5525 jacket, done in Amy Butler Full Moon Polka Dot in lime, one of my recent cute prints acquisitions:

I’ve got most of the shell done, which took longer than one would think because I decided to interline all of the pieces with muslin to give it more body.  Yuck, like cutting pieces for TWO jackets. (Cutting is my least favorite part of the sewing process.) Now I’ve just got facings and lining left, and then finishing. And I’m considering adding button bands to the sleeves.

Although I do love to make fun coats, I took this one on with some apprehension because it seemed as though it could veer into crafty crazy territory, a.k.a. calico housecoat. But it’s actually looking ok so far- it looks less crazy on me than it does on the hanger. And Dan didn’t burst out laughing when he saw it, which is generally a sign that something can pass for Real Clothes, rather than Sewing Project. Keep your fingers crossed for a final result that I won’t be ashamed to wear out of the house!

Back issues of BurdaMag are like favorite songs to me. I take them out and flip through them over and over and never get tired of them even though I know them by heart. Or at least, I thought I knew them by heart.

The first issue of Burda I ever purchased was the February 2007 issue. I was living in Germany and had just discovered Burda through a friend after she told me that she had made the gorgeous red coat she was wearing. That was the point at which I decided it was time to learn to sew for real, rather than just doing crafty stitching projects and taking the occasional stab at a dress every couple of years. I promptly went out and bought myself a Burda and to this day I’m still more comfortable with German sewing terminology than English. Anyway, I pored and pored over that issue even though as far as Burda issues goes, it’s not the greatest.

The other night, I pulled it out, dog-eared and worn, and flipped through it again. One of my least favorite features was this blue-themed one. Something about it is very 1995. Even though some of the individual pieces are not objectionable, it’s somehow entirely lacking in chic or edge, the wardrobe of a woman who cares how she looks and tries to look pretty but doesn’t have much sense of style. The whole color scheme (and don’t get me wrong, blue is my favorite color), assembly of outfits, everything is sort of blah like the 80% off clearance rack at Marshall’s:




You can probably see that some of the pieces aren’t bad.  That first suit jacket would be nice if the lapels were edited to be a little less Easter suit-y. The blazer in the middle might be a practical piece if not rendered in a fabric that attempts to mimic patchwork AND denim simultaneously (yikes!). The little short sleeved blouse is cute and versatile. But altogether, this feature always felt so lackluster and un-stylish and unexciting that I was never remotely tempted to make any of these pieces.  And then the other night, I had a closer look at this and my eyes bugged out:

And just like you sometimes find something utterly amazing on the 80% of clearance rack at Marshalls, so it was with me and this jacket. Never mind that it’s rendered in a fabric that looks like fancy rental tablecloths from a catered function, or that it is paired with wallpaper themed pants, and accessorized with a very unfortunate bag that is somewhat reminiscent of a butt in jeans. Have a look at this technical drawing:

Awesome, yes?  It reminds me of my beloved BurdaStyle Hikaru jacket, but with a shorter, sleeker fit:

Anyway, this hidden gem from my very first issue of BurdaMag might just have to go on my list, three years after the fact. I’ve got a black satin-faced wool jacket fabric that would be great for this pattern. Who knew that it was hiding amidst all that frump the whole time?

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