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I finally managed to sneak in a few hours of sewing tonight, and got started on the muslin for Simplicity 2374:


Sorry the picture is kind of grainy.  It’s an indoor flash photo. So far the muslin is going pretty well.  I cut the pattern in a size 4 and it seems to be fitting well without alteration, other than a couple inches off the skirt.  The back seam isn’t sewn yet (you can see the vent flapping at the back of the skirt.) There’s a little more ease under the arms than I’d want if I were going to leave this sleeveless, but I’m planning on drafting a slim half sleeve (maybe there will be time tomorrow) so I’ll probably need the ease.

This is just a muslin and I’m still tweaking the collar draft, but I think it’s pretty close. The fabric is a knit of the most vile polyester ever in a very brilliant shade of emerald green (richer and more saturated than in the photo.)  I got a huge piece of it at a thrift shop some months ago because I love the color, but it’s pretty nasty stuff.  Despite washing, it has that gramma’s closet smell. It feels like it could be related to the stuff they use to upholster airplane seats. It doesn’t wrinkle but it seriously resists ironing.  I had to use the wool setting with lots of steam to get the seam allowances to open flat.  But other than that it’s super easy to cut and sew.  I do like the color quite a lot and I think I may turn this muslin into something wearable once I’m done with fitting.

For the final version, I’ll be using a soft black double knit and some white ponte de roma for a contrast collar and cuffs to make a version inspired by this L’Wren Scott dress:


It’s nice to have a few hours to sew again, and really nice to make a muslin and find that it doesn’t need any edits! I’m guessing the sleeve drafting will be a little fussier, but that’s a problem for another day.


I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but all of a sudden I’ve developed an obsession with envelope patterns.  Whereas before I was content to draft my own patterns or wait patiently for by Burda or Patrones magazines to arrive for painstaking tracing, in the last month or two I’ve become quite fixated on envelope patterns.  Yes, they’re convenient, but there must be more to it than that– convenience has never really been that much of a motivation for me when sewing.  Is it just me, or are envelope patterns becoming chic in a way that they haven’t been for the last few decades?

A few examples for your consideration, which my dear friend Khai was kind enough to pick up for me at the most recent Hancock’s sale:

Simplicity 2724
Simplicity 2497

Lovely, no? I drooled over these for quite a while, and now they have finally arrived, in a padded mailer full of joy.  The Cynthia Rowley on the right is quite popular right now; I’ve ordered some teal silk and cotton blend poplin for it.  The Project Runway on the left has a lot of appealing options, but I’m most taken with the leftmost pink taffeta rendition.  Pink taffeta is not my thing though.  I’m thinking navy cotton lawn, which would make it nice for work with a belt and sweater jacket.

Another recent acquisition (also a Simplicity Project Runway pattern) is this:

Simplicity 2473

My plan is to use the slim version and draft a fitted sleeve, contrast collar, and cuff to create a dress inspired by L’Wren Scott’s headmistress dress, as worn here by Nicole Kidman:


I’m going to need to put a leash on it soon because the discrepancy between the number of patterns I have waiting to be sewn and the amount of free time I actually have for sewing is getting a bit ridiculous.  

And anyway, I need to finish up my dress for Pattern Review’s Little Black Dress contest first.

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