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Many a sewing blogger and sewing enthusiast sighs over the lovely early 60’s style costumes featured on Mad Men, and the Selfish Seamstress is no exception, despite never having even seen an episode of the show. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has promised to make herself a Mad Men style wardrobe someday or at least a couple of pieces. I’m also sure I’m not the only one who hasn’t gotten around to making that wardrobe and quite possibly never will.

Take heart, readers, all is not lost, especially if you’ve got some spare change (or possibly spare trust funds) lying around. The producers of Mad Men are holding a charity eBay auction to benefit City of Hope, and they are selling off, among other things, DRESSES.  Yes, actual dresses and garments from the show.  And furniture and props and even a walk-on role for the theatrically-inclined among you. More info here and here, and the auction runs from August 12th-22nd. I don’t expect to be bidding, but I’ll be peeking for sure.  And if you win anything, come back and show us!

Sure, you could make your own Audrey Hepburn-inspired dress. Or you could just buy one of Audrey Hepburn’s actual dresses!  Tons of Audrey’s dresses and other memorabilia are being auctioned off on December 8th by Kerry Taylor Auctions.

The collection can be seen in the winter catalogue, and Audrey’s things start at page 62. Here’s a small sampling:

So, go get ’em!  And pick up a little something for me while you’re at it.  Merry Christmas indeed!

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