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A Selfish Seamstress S.W.A.G. haiku

Deadline grows closer, I’m sewing in a puddle Of tears and regret. Check out the Selfish Seamstress Store for haiku goodies- proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

S.W.A.G. for my mommy

By now you all know how the Selfish Seamstress feels about sewing for others. But mommy is an exception. I don’t know if it’s just the urge to relive the feeling of bring home a pretty drawing from school and have her face light up with delight, or perhaps the fact that I’ve realized in […]

S.W.A.G. progress and the albatross

More S.W.A.G. progress! I finished the two cowl necked tops for my sisters this weekend: You’ll recall that when I first purchased the fabric for these, I was disappointed that they weren’t as soft or pretty as my teal one. I was okay with the charcoal grey shade, and a little bit skeptical of the […]

S.W.A.G. Diet Day 1: Worship me for I am awesome

Has the Selfish Seamstress turned over a new leaf and learned to do things for others?? First of all, after leaving them dangling for months, I finally got around to weaving in the four little tiny yarn ends on Dan’s Ticuna scarf: [The yarn is a local, random, heathered wine red, super soft merino worsted […]

A Selfish Seamstress S.W.A.G. haiku

Every gift I sew Is one fewer thing for me. Bite me, holidays.

S.W.A.G. – Sewing With A Grudge

It is a common misconception that the Selfish Seamstress, and Selfish Seamstresses in general (you know who you are and I think you’re cool!), does not sew things for other people. In actuality, Selfish Seamstresses often find themselves in situations in which they have to sew for others, which is what led them to become […]

Butterick 9927

Oy.  Hello again.  Well, 2012 was kind of a bust for sewing and blogging, huh?  Since last I posted, I think I completed three sewing projects, one of which was a dress for my niece’s first birthday (Ugh, she didn’t even say thank you!  What is point of sewing for people who aren’t old enough […]

Plaid pants hat

I have a very adorable friend named Helen.  She’s actually a former grad student of mine, but really more like a sister. If I had to use one word to describe Helen, it would be sunny. She is smiles, whereas the Selfish Seamstress is scowls. She is blue skies, while Selfish is drizzles and gloom. […]

Tux dress lust

Slow progress is being made on the BurdaStyle book coat– I managed to cut out all of the outer pieces yesterday and get started on assembling it. But as I mentioned previously, the fact that this feels like S.W.A.G. sewing rather than selfish sewing means I’m not particularly driven and am dragging my feet. (This, […]

Selfish Seamstressing for experts: Another handy guide

You all know by now that the #1 rule of Selfish Seamstressing is, “Don’t sew for others, only for yourself.” If you aspire to be a Selfish Seamstress and have managed to achieve this perfect equilibrium in which every item that passes under your presser foot goes straight into your closet, you should pat yourself […]

Bored of sewing?

Yawwwwn.  Well, the title just about says it all.  I really haven’t felt like sewing at all this week.  I’ve sort of started making a muslin of the Burda ruffle blouse, if you count cutting out the back and front pieces, and pinning the darts in one of them as muslining. I’ve listlessly pawed through […]

I want to dress like my mom.

Coming home to New York keeps me from getting any sewing done, but allows me to sit down with my mom and flip through old photos. This activity usually starts out very sweet and loving and nostalgic, but rapidly degenerates into me pointing at old photos of my mother and whining, “Ma! Why didn’t you […]

It’s fabric. I wanted this!

I love “The Office.”  I can’t get enough of it.  As of this season, it has surpassed “30 Rock” as my favorite show on TV.  It’s hilarious, and the Selfish Seamstress just loves funny. Last week’s Christmas episode was no exception. In the episode, Angela (notoriously prim, unsympathetic, judgmental, and uptight) is opening her Secret […]

One glitzy bolero: Burda 12-2008-101

In addition to hypothetical sewing, mocking readers, and hawking stuff, it turns out that I also sew! Hahahaha.  Okay, this is sooooo not something that I would wear. Dan says it makes me look like I’m from Cirque du Soleil.  But S.W.A.G. present #3, a sequined taffeta bolera for her mommy, is almost done. (Yes, I […]

Free Pattern: The Minimalist Cowl

The Selfish Seamstress loves a good sleeveless turtleneck. Is it just me or is a sleeveless turtleneck the ultimate sexy-but-elegant-and-still-casual garment?  And especially a black sleeveless turtleneck.  I’ve always got one in my wardrobe somewhere, and I don’t think I’ve been without one since college. I love the Burda 10.2005 cowl sweater I made recently, […]