Okay, a bunch of you asked about the shoes I was wearing in yesterday’s post on my Heidi Merrick-inspired dress.  They are Nine West’s “Elona” model in desert nude (they also came in black), and they are ridiculously comfortable for stilettos.  I can wear them the whole day with no pinching, chafing, fatigue, aches, or soreness. I can walk at my usual New Yorker “get-the-f-out-of-my-way-you-stupid-tourist” pace in them. Yesterday they were sold out, but as of THIS VERY MINUTE (3:05AM EDT, August 16th, 2011), there is ONE SIZE for sale on the website – size 9M for the bargain basement price of $29.75.

Go!  Go now, all you size 9M women!  And if they’re already gone by the time you get there, don’t look at me. I may be selfish, but I’m a size 5. And I, unlike you, already have them. Also?  Nanny nanny boo boo.

Update: As of 12:45PM EDT, it appears they’re once again sold out! Sorry, kids!