Don’t get me wrong- a nice long weekend in the mountains with the parents and the in-laws is nothing to complain about. But if anyone can find something to complain about, it’s the Selfish Seamstress. After all, lovely wildflower hikes, spectacular waterfalls, and paddling out into the middle of a turquoise glacial lake can’t compare to freakin’ sewing the second sleeve onto Camicia No. 9 and being done with it already!

Fortunately I managed to sneak in a tiny bit of sewing time before bed last night. Ta-da! Here is Camicia #9 from the May 2010 issue of La Mia Boutique:

Although it looks as though I’m making my usual “Elaine Can’t Model for Squat” face, this time I was actually watching a hawk that was circling my balcony.

Here it is, shown with my new-and-already-beloved Vogue 1051 alice + olivia pants:

You may recall Camicia No. 9 from some time back, when I got annoyed with the crazy sleeves, and then put it aside for a while after getting distracted by other projects. As you can see, I abandoned the sleeves that LMB intended and replaced them with sleeve variation A from McCall’s 6035. From a design perspective, I think this sleeve harmonizes nicely with the ruching at the front bust of Camicia No. 9.

I’ve been getting a ton of mileage out of the 3 meters of plum poplin that I bought several months ago- from Dan’s Valentine shirt to the Burda tux dress, and now Camicia No. 9. The Selfish Seamstress prides herself on her mad economical pattern layout skills. In fact, the Selfish Seamstress prides herself on pretty much everything. Did I mention that I finally trimmed my nails this weekend?  Go me. Anyway, there’s probably even enough poplin left for a dainty sleeveless top. But at this point, the first chill of autumn is in the air and as you can perhaps tell, and I’m already all over my “back to school” autumn sewing.

How about you?  Are you starting up on autumn sewing yet?  Or still stuck on summer?  Oooh, or in the southern hemisphere, gearing up for spring sewing?