Okay, after this weekend’s green slippy fabric impulse buy, here’s something to show for it. Another incarnation of Burda 2-2008-119, the tie-neck sleeveless blouse:

Silky clothes aren’t really my thing, but I just love this color, so I think I’ll be getting some good wear out of this one. It’ll work well under a cardigan too. I like it with these sort of loose windowpane check pants, but I think it’ll also work well with lighter pants.

Here’s the side view. I think I’m channeling a candidate for class president in this photo. See?  I’m inspired!

Vote Selfish! Vote Selfish! Vote Selfish!

My first version of this blouse (and ever so slightly more detail about the construction) is here.

Okay. We’ve got friends visiting from out of town so we’re off to hike for a couple of days. Try to behave yourselves, okay? I don’t want to hear any stories when I get back.