Super stylin’ Susan over at Knitter’s Delight once left me a funny comment recounting the time that she noticed someone was hitting her blog by searching on the phrase “I hate Knitter’s Delight.” Any of you have visited Knitter’s Delight knows, of course, that there’s absolutely nothing there to hate, unless what you hate happens to be really cute dresses on a really cute blogger.

Anyway, I was just perusing my own impoverished stats, and noticed something unusual in my own top search terms from yesterday:

Yes, all the usual suspects are there like “selfish seamstress,” “gargamel,” “baby bunny“, and “coffee date dress.” Then there’s the new and unexpected but totally explainable “fashion knickers 1981.”

Ooh, but look at that- there’s also a never-before-seen search term that got cut off:

“elaine may the selfish seamstress is a p”

WordPress stats reporting cuts the phrase off after a certain length, so I’ll probably never know for sure what the whole phrase was, or whether it was nice, neutral, nasty, nosy, or none of the above. (It must have been important though because they searched on it five times.) But I think it would be a fun game to guess! So far, my top guesses are:

“elaine may the selfish seamstress is a pretty, pretty lady!”
“elaine may the selfish seamstress is a princess,”
“elaine may the selfish seamstress is a peter fan in secret,” and
“elaine may the selfish seamstress is a perky ray of sunshine the first thing in the morning when i open my eyes

I guess there’s also the very very teeny tiny remote possibility that the “p” is the start of a phrase beginning with the words “piece of.” But that is just oh so unlikely. So, readers, I open it up to you for an afternoon game. Fill in the blanks and be creative!