Yep, Dan is still out of town. You can tell because there is a big pile of old BurdaMags on his side of the bed now. I like to flip through them before I go to sleep sometimes, and now that he’s not here, I see no reason to take them off of the bed at all. That’s right, I curl up with my Burdas at night now. (Hey, there’s that oversharing again!)

Sewing alone time continued yesterday, with the beginnings of Camicia #9 from the May 2010 issue of La Mia Boutique:

Molto bella! That lady sailor looks like she’s having a really good time. I fully expect to be in a similar state of bliss when my shirt is done too. Albeit with less belly on display.

This shirt is loooong. You can see that it’s long on the model, but I mean it is *really* long. And I don’t mean that in a The-Selfish-Seamstress-is-short way, because the Selfish Seamstress is actually quite long waisted (double whammy!) and shirt length usually isn’t much of a problem. Anyway, I basted it all together and it was pretty ridiculous. Wearing it not tucked in would be goofy, and you just can’t tuck that much fabric into your pants. I ended up taking about 5″ off the bottom of it and now it’s looking more normal shirt length. Here’s the current state of things:

In other exciting news, I finally took my rotary cutters (and cutting mat) out for an inaugural spin! More on that later though. As you can see, I’m using bottles of multivitamins as makeshift pattern weights :)

The fabric is some some leftover stretch poplin from Dan’s Belated Valentine shirt. The rotary cutter is making it really easy for me to be super economical with the layout, and it’s possible I may be able to make an entire blouse out of just one measly yard of fabric!  We’ll see- I haven’t cut the collar yet. (Don’t worry, I have more of this fabric if I need it.)

I’m considering using a different sleeve than the one the pattern uses, and I’ve still got a ways to go on the shirt. Yesterday in the late afternoon, I decided that since I was by myself, I may as well put the sewing on pause and go out for some single girl Argentine tango dancing.