Hi Readers.

I assume that most of you are here because you have some interest in sewing and found your way here at some point via something else sewing-related, like BurdaStyle or Pattern Review or another sewing or crafting blog. And I also suspect that there is a teeny tiny handful of lurkers who have little interest in sewing but are personal friends and acquaintances and who have managed to find my blog and are spying in hopes of discovering something that they can use against me.

As it turns out, there is also one personal friend lurker who has (to the best of my knowledge) little interest in sewing and has managed to find my blog, and is now passing some good stuff my way to show to you.  Hi, Steve! Thanks for the link!

Check out what Steve found- awesome illustrations by Hong Kong-based artist John Woo of Star Wars characters wearing designer clothes. No joke. Like Darth Vader in Band of Outsiders!

Or a scout trooper in Viktor & Rolf!

The whole collection is called He Wears It, and I’m not sure if the prints are available for purchase. But wow, what great sewing room decor they would make for! [Full disclosure: The Selfish Seamstress is a Star Wars nerd. The Empire Strikes Back is her all-time favorite movie. Largely because of the AT-AT battle scenes on Hoth. What.  Shut up.]