It’s been a long time since I’ve done battle with a new nemesis. No, it isn’t that I’ve been so busy beating up on classic nemeses like Yoshimi or Lauriana, nor have I been too amiable or cheerful to make new enemies. Quite simply, for the last couple of months there just hasn’t been all that much new evil going around. Just lots of happy sewing on everyone’s part. No real need for warfare.

Or so I thought. My relationship with new Selfish Seamstress Nemesis Tasia, a.k.a. “Gimme that Coat Nemesis,” started out like my relationships with anyone else. Diplomatic. She’d leave a cheerful comment here and there on my blog, and I would think to myself, “Excellent. Another worshipper at the holy shrine of the Selfish Seamstress.  How can I use this one to my advantage?” And one day I clicked on her link and noticed… her blog looked sort of threatening with its wonderfully capable sewing and delightful fabric choices and handy tips. Hmmm.

At first I didn’t worry. After all, has only been up for a handful of months. And with a mere dozen or so followers, it seemed unlikely that Tasia would be able to assemble much of an army. But she kept posting and kept posting… more and more jealousy-inducing garments and goodies, and the next thing I knew there were 27 followers! Clearly she was growing more powerful by the day and was gearing up for battle with the innocent and peace-loving Selfish Seamstress.

And then one day when the Selfish Seamstress was minding her own business, the belligerent Tasia launched her attack…


This one landed smack in the middle of the Selfish Seamstress’s humble home on the web. The Selfish Seamstress was knocked off of her dainty little pointe shoes when Tasia left a link to her stunning turquoise coat in the Selfish Seamstress’s comments! It was on. And Tasia started it. And to make matters worse, Tasia went on the offensive with some of the most powerful sewing artillery known to woman: Covet. Yes, she attacked relentlessly with massive rounds of covet, and now the Selfish Seamstress can’t stop dreaming about her own turquoise Lady Grey from Collette Patterns coat!

Something needed to be done. So the Selfish Seamstress made her way over to Tasia’s turf to scope out the enemy, and there she was ambushed! By gorgeous choices of colors and prints whipped up into drool-inducing garments that no one would ever guess were home sewn unless they knew about Tasia’s powerful skills:


Not only did she break out some massive covet with this one, she doesn’t even say what the pattern is. You don’t even have the chance to fight back.


This covet is nearly unforgivable- not only does it take advantage of the Selfish Seamstress’s weakness for a vintage-inspired watercolor floral, but it actually FORCED the Selfish Seamstress to go out and buy the Cynthia Steffe Vogue 1174 pattern herself. Argh!

And finally, KABOOM!

Truly evil and inspired! A print that the Selfish Seamstress wouldn’t give a second thought to on the bolt, but Tasia in all of her wicked genius saw its potential not only for a beautiful dress but also its potential to use this fabric to make the Selfish Seamstress very very covetous indeed! And of course, the Selfish Seamstress will never be able to find this same fabric- a double blow dealt by Tasia to Selfish’s already weak defenses.

Readers, I am warning you about Tasia NOW for your own good. If she’s come after me, you can be sure that she’s got her sights set on you next and you’d better be prepared. Like I said, at the moment, her blog is young and her army of followers is still a manageable bunch, but she’s talented and ruthless, as can be seen by her bold and daring color choices. She’s going to keep posting and winning hundreds of loyal followers if she keeps it up. Plus she’s so darn cute. You’d better head over to and find out just what you’ll be up against, and maybe launch an attack of your own against Tasia!