I stumbled upon this on the German BurdaMag website.  It comes out today, but what is it?  It’s EAZY!

It’s labeled issue number 1 and I haven’t seen it before. It looks like it’s meant to be a DIY fashion magazine (lots of “pimping” and “upcycling” and other refashion buzzwords) with some sewing patterns in it geared towards the younger set and the beginner sewer. I think it’s great to put out something for beginners, but the projects generally look more like “crafted” fashion than “sewn” fashion in my opinion:

I haven’t actually flipped through a copy of this yet, but a lot of the clothes look like they might be refashion projects (e.g. that dress on the bottom looks like two tank tops sewn together at the hems, right?) but the patterns seem to come in a bunch of sizes, and the cover says that pattern sheets are included, so who knows?

It’s definitely not Selfish Seamstress style, so I don’t expect I’ll be getting a copy for myself, but I see how it could appeal. The clothes have a definite American Apparel vibe to them. I’ve always assumed that since American Apparel uses (expensive) American labor rather than (cheap) outsourced manufacturing, that’s why their garments seem to have a minimum of seams, finishing, and details, which is not really the way I like to sew. I guess if Eazy gets people into sewing by being approachable and unintimidating, that’s great. Though I have to say, I’ve seen plenty of first-time sewers take on classically constructed garments as a first project with great success, and I think that first big accomplishment may even get people more excited about continuing to sew than a one seam skirt with no hem and its accompanying ooh-I-made-a-skirt-in-20-minutes-all-by-myself glow.

As a side note, Eazy seems to be an entirely separate publication from Burda’s twice a year Easy Fashion. Although Easy Fashion is geared towards a younger, trendier market than regular BurdaMag or Burda Plus, and towards the less experienced sewer, the main difference in the difficulty lies in the fact that all of  patterns are ready to cut and come with fully illustrated instructions like a Big 4 pattern. The patterns themselves range in difficulty on a scale not that different from regular BurdaMag. Also, Easy Fashion is published once around March and then once again around August, so I don’t think Eazy is meant to replace it.

But let me get this straight then. Burda launched an online community called “BurdaStyle” and then went and renamed their magazine “burda style” differing only in capitalization and the use of a space between the words. Then they have their “young” magazine “Easy Fashion”, and they go and create another “young” magazine and call it “Eazy”?? Granted I have no background in marketing, but doesn’t it seem a poor idea to give all of your products the same name? :) In any case, I guess this means that we should keep our eyes peeled for a BurdaPluz to come out soon!

In unfortunate news, there has been another passing in our family and Dan and I will be returning to New York for the next several days for the funeral. Posts will probably continue to be sparse for a bit longer, and sewing isn’t happening for now.