Thanks to everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes! What a lucky lucky girl I am to have such great readers :)  And a happy birthday right back to Lisa and CGCouture, who also celebrated their birthdays yesterday! And as my present to you, I give you once again my extremely important thoughts on the new 6.2010 Burda preview. Hooray!

Starting off, I suspect that Burda is trying out some new tactics. After some playful shirtless guy spreads back in April, I think they’re going full out romance novel cover with June:

STEAMY GUY: Oh Roxanna, I don’t know if it’s this glorious sunset, this romantic all-inclusive dinner cruise, or the notched lapels on your short-sleeved fuchsia blazer, but I can’t seem to keep my hands off of you and my shirt buttoned.

ROXANNA:  It’s not the sunset, it’s not the buffet supper, Steamy Guy.  We both know what it is and it’s bigger than both of us… it’s BURDA 6.2010!

Oh, and it gets even hotter when Steamy Guy gets a load of Roxanna’s tunic swimsuit cover-up thing:

(Is it just me or do they appear to be photoshopped over some sort of first-person shooter video game environment?)

Actually there isn’t all that much there yet from the new issue, so it’s hard to make much of a pronouncement on the issue.  But one thing is for sure: If there’s one thing BurdaMag loves, it’s a shoulder. And just ONE of them:

You might be rolling your eyes at this point and thinking, “One shoulder again?  That is so played.” And you’re probably right, except Burda’s one step ahead of you and has found new and innovative ways to do the asymmetric thing. Their latest strategy is to take one half of one top and one half of a different top and perform some sort of top vivisection to yield new and unexpected one-shoulder hybrids.  Brand new shapes, same old crazy!

Does anyone else see themselves using that pattern to make a symmetrical version of the left half of that dress? Or the right half? High potential for cute!

And this time, even the plus size ladies are not immune.  Not one-shouldered exactly, but it captures the flavor of a one-shoulder top through more half-of-one-top, half-of-another-top vivisection:

So wait… if even the plus size section isn’t full of beautiful, stylish classics, who gets them this time? Oh, it’s the lucky, lucky pregnant ladies! Sigh… how much would I love a spread like this for my non-gestating figure.  Elegant wrap dress:

Slim blazer with lovely details:

Classic slim and sleek coat:

Bold of her to wear such a high heel with the strap-on pregnant belly too.

It remains to be see how this issue will shape up, but we definitely know a couple of things at this point:

1) If you’re pregnant, you’re in luck with this issue

2) If you have one pretty shoulder and one that you’d rather hide from the world, you’ve got lots of options here

3) Things are getting hot hot hot in Burdaland!