If it’s my birthday, that means I must be cooking up a massive Ethiopian dinner for twelve! Dan and I are in the thick of it, making five stews and cake on top of that. No sewing for me today, kids!

But don’t worry, I’m not one to live solely for others. In fact, I bought myself a couple of presents yesterday, including an impossibly crisp and lustrous cotton voile in watercolor shades of mauve and brown:

And finally, a pressing ham!

Look out, darts, I’m coming!

A more foolish woman than I might sigh and lament today that she is halfway to 68. But 68 sounds plenty young and vital to the Selfish Seamstress. (After all, her grandmother will turn 104 in a few months!) Therefore, she feels much more ecstatic to be a mere 1/4 of the way to 136. Just think how much sewing stuff I’ll have by then!!