Welcome to the Montreal edition of The Selfish Seamstress!  (Wow, go Rachel- first person to guess, and nailed it!) Having a great time in this lovely city after having been whisked off to it in a most mysterious fashion.

So far we’ve eaten our fair share of poutine, and wandered around the charming cobblestone streets, which on first glance look very much like textbook old Europe:

But when you look closer, you realize that all of the shop windows are packed with Native Canadian crafts, Montreal Canadiens reproduction hockey jerseys, and other bits of Canadiana:

Just by chance, we happened by Fabricville (Quebec’s version of Fabricland), and I couldn’t help but take a quick jaunt through it. No pictures of the store (trust me, it just looks like a Hancock but with all of the signage in French), but I found this gorgeous vintage-inspired rose-print dull satin (with just a tiny bit of stretch) that I couldn’t walk away without;

A close look at the beautiful smudgy navy flowers:

Three meters of it are already tucked into my suitcase and begging to be made into a late 50’s/early-60’s style cocktail dress with a bit of Mad Men flavor.

But now the Selfish Seamstress is hungry for more! Where are your favorite fabric haunts in Montreal?  Tell me quick because I get whisked back home tomorrow!