I have no shame. I actually headed up towards my friend’s wedding an hour early so that I could stop by Vogue :)  I spent 45 minutes shopping in taupe satin T-strap heels and seafoam teal lace and with silk velvet trim. 

The Evanston store is the flagship Vogue store, and it’s huge- four large rooms of fabric and then a couple of smaller rooms with trims and equipment. Most people prefer the Evanston one to the downtown one, but visiting again I remembered that I actually prefer the downtown one.  For some reason I always feel like the fabric in the downtown branch is a little more “serious” and the stuff in Evanston is generally more novelty and colorful, with lots of dressy fabrics and prints:

Having already stocked up on prints at Whipstitch, I wasn’t too interested in most of Vogue’s current offerings.  But I did peruse their massive selection of remnants:

And pulled out a lovely gray plaid wool remnant (I know, so very typical of me), which will become a skirt at some point:

Oddly, I’m feeling mostly fabric-satiated at this point.  I don’t have an enormous stash, but I’ve certainly got more than I need.  It’s sort of like being offered dessert when you’re already full- just not that interested.  I did, however, pick up two lovely little additions to my Husqvarna feet family:

Those are a 7-groove pintuck foot and an invisible zipper foot.  I currently have a cheapo plastic invisible zipper foot, which always seems to gradually push the zipper away from the fabric edge in an annoying way.  I’ve heard the Husqvarna zipper foot is brilliant though. As for the pintuck foot, I didn’t know what kind to get and the Vogue people were remarkably disinterested in helping. 7-groove seems like a good starter one though. I’m actually miffed because I noticed right after buying it that the chrome is already chipping off the foot (you can see a little brass-colored spot on it at the bottom of the second picture).  The feet weren’t packaged, just loose in a box. But I won’t have time to go exchange it before I leave, so I hope the chrome doesn’t continue to peel. 

Heading home tomorrow, suitcase ever so slightly fuller than when I left!