Here’s some frivolous Friday afternoon bloggy fun!

I’ve been penning this little blog for almost six months now and as I mentioned once before, I don’t run Google analytics so I don’t have too much readership data. One of the things I do know, however, is what search terms people are using to find my blog and I tell you, that is some fun stuff. I would love to be the sort of fashionista touchstone who could claim that people find her sewing blog when hunting for Chanel. Alas, the Selfish Seamstress blog is a much lower rent establishment. You want to know what people search on to find it?  Here are my top 20 search terms of the past five and a half months:

Yup.  They look for me, sewing patterns, and sewing magazines, all fairly obvious. But on top of that, they’re looking for characters from 1980s cartoons. Because the Selfish Seamstress is nothing if not one of the world’s leading authorities on the Smurfs, Gargamel, Azrael, and Dr. Claw. I guess one little post in which they’re pictured and mentioned in passing is enough to send you to the top of the rankings in the world of rabid Gargamel fandom!

Interestingly, the Smurfs and Inspector Gadget weren’t even favorites of mine back in the 80s. Nope, I was all about the Transformers. Hmph.  No one ever visits here looking for them.  I guess I’ll have to change that by posting this picture of my favorite Transformer, Soundwave, and watching the hits roll in:

That’s right, my favorite Transformer was a Decepticon. Even as a young girl, the Selfish Seamstress had a penchant for villainy. Is that at all surprising?

Someday when technology catches up to the brilliant dystopic vision of Cybertron (that’s where the Transformers came from, duh) the Selfish Seamstress has every intention of joining the Decepticons and becoming a robot that transforms into an evil Bernina 830 that can rapid fire needles. And do the most lovely embroidery besides.