Last night was a good night for sewing.  No, it was a great night. I didn’t actually have time to do much sewing, but I did manage to put the buttons onto my McCall 5525, which I am now calling ‘Key Lime Trench,” so that project is now done, photos forthcoming. But beyond that, I just happened to be at a German restaurant and someone had left behind a big stack of Burda back issues that they were trying to unload. And not just any Burdas but early 1980s German Burdas. I thought about grabbing the whole stack and running, but then I thought the better of it considering how many unused back issues I already have.  The likelihood of me suddenly wanting to sew lots of garments from the July 1984 vintage seemed pretty low, considering I haven’t even touched July 2009 and 2008 yet. But I did grab three of them (because I knew you’d want to see too!), most notably March and April 1981:

I didn’t really have any particular plan for these 29-year old treasures other than to flip through them, see if it would be worthwhile to make anything from them, and maybe have a chuckle or two with you. But then eagle-eyed reader Inkstain cued me in on the fact that the Burda 5.2010 preview is now available online on the Russian Burda site (again, how are those guys so on top of things??)

Inkstain asked if I had any “acid and grouchy” commentary regarding the new issue.  What?  Me?  Acid?  Believe me, after flipping through those awesome 1981 issues of Burda, I have nothing but good things to say about the new issue because it is a treasure trove of current looks that are destined to be classics. Girls, they’re not joking when they say the ’80s are back. And you’d better pick up your May issue of Burda because these are the styles you’re still going to be wanting to wear almost thirty years from now. In the year 2039. Check it out!

Hot in spring 2010?  Big ol’ shapeless shirt dress with band collar and bib detailing!

Guess who else loved this style? 1981! And ruffles are so au courant right now, so 1981 may even have the leg up on the hot new trends

The matronly chambray shirtdress is surely the Next Big Thing in 2010:

But it’s also a timeless classic from the dawn of the MTV era!

Khaki carrot pants with cargo pockets?

If you didn’t hang on to the ones you made in 1981, you’re just going to have to sew them again.

And while we’re at it, you may need a matching belted safari jacket:

Of course, savvy Burda Mädels know that the safari jacket is a wardrobe staple, and have decades’ worth of them in their closets:

How about this flattering ruffled silhouette for May of 2010?

Your mom might know a thing or two about that from her fashion plate days:

Or this dainty frock?

1981 offers up a couple of predecessors:

[Okay, all joking aside.  Is it just me, or is that second 1981 version actually starting to look pretty good? You know, take up the hem about five inches and make it up in deep plum?  Also, does anyone else also covet her shoes?]

Roomy blouse with a band collar for summer:

Burda 1981’s all over that!

Shorty shorts with contour hem?

You know it!

Actually you can’t see it in this picture, but the 1981 version does not have a drawstring like the current one does. In fact, it has a belt. That’s right- belted tennis shorts. Surely that means that belts for sporting attire are the next big thing on the style horizon. We’ll probably see it pop up in July 2010’s Burda, so you might want to go ahead and make this month’s version with a belt to keep ahead of the trends.  And you can tell people that you heard it here first- the Selfish Seamstress is nothing if not a style icon.

Shorty shorts too short for you?  Maybe you haven’t got the tight derriere you flaunted back in 1981 anymore?  Don’t worry, shorts lovers, because the versatile pleated-waist cuffed Bermuda is also here for 2010, ready to flatter any figure and cut the lines of your legs right at the knee!

Pair it with a matching jacket for the perfect sophisticated office ensemble:

Or try it in a fun print with a coordinating blouse for a weekend getaway!


Finally, let’s not forget a key piece to any classic wardrobe, the safari-themed jumpsuit:

Please note, however, that this look is updated for 2010 with the addition of elastic cuffing at the ankles to give it a sleek and modern twist. As opposed to the oh-so-tired, ho-hum, non-elastic pant hems we’ve been seeing for too many years – finally, a little fashion innovation to take us into the 21st century!

There you have it- I’ve got two data points in three decades of fashion, and from them I extrapolate that May 2010’s looks have got some real staying power. And that’s my Burda forecast. [Ok, for serious now, there are some really covetable dresses in the May 2010 issue that have nothing to do with 1981. Go have a look.  I’ll post my top picks later.]

Oh, and don’t worry- there’s lots more fun stuff from 1981 that I didn’t show here.  I’ll get around to it- you won’t miss out on a a thing from that classic fashion year.