Readers, I need your help yet again.  Remember this top from Burda 2.2010?

I downloaded the pattern from Burda, graded it down to my size, cut it all out, and then promptly never got around to making it. I’ve recently become fixated on the idea of making it out of black and white striped stretch jersey, perhaps a fabric sort of like this:

And for the life of me, I can’t seem to find a source for black and white striped jersey!  Seems so basic, doesn’t it?  I am a *little* bit picky here– I would ideally like cotton with a little lycra in it, something not too flimsy or drapey. The stripes don’t have to be that exact width either- I could go narrower or wider. I’d consider a baby rib knit; I’d prefer not to go the nylon route. And yarn dyed stripes would be ideal.

I did spot some black and white striped knit at my local fabric store, but the stripes were printed rather than yarn dyed and the printing was so sadly off grain that I didn’t even consider it.  I’m not keen on spending hours of my time for something that I know can never look better than a cheap factory second, no matter how carefully I stitch!

So readers, a.k.a. Human Collective Google, have you got any ideas for where I could pick up a yard of black and white striped stretch jersey? If you point me to what I’m looking for and I end up acquiring it based on your tip, I will immortalize you in a glowing tribute post in which I laud your brilliance and resourcefulness!