The Selfish Seamstress loves exploiting her readership as an idea factory. And you’ve all been bending to her wishes so well in the last few days that she’s going to issue yet another challenge.

Now that she’s on the verge of wrapping up one cheerful print project, she’s contemplating future such conquests. And she could use some design help. What, dear readers, would you do with this?

For those of you who hate it, the incorrect answer is, “Burn it.”  For those of you who love it, another incorrect answer is, “Send it to me!” Don’t be silly.

I’ve had this bold vintage border print cotton in my stash for a while and I adore it, but I’m always at a loss as to what to do with it. It’s a little bit 70’s, a little bit art nouveau, ever so slightly kimono-flavored, and so very different from anything else I have. The fabric is fairly lightweight, but not floaty, and  it’s about 45″ wide.  I don’t have too much of it, maybe 2 yards or so.

So what should I do with this? The pattern is so huge that I want to avoid too much piecing, and of course I want to preserve the border-y-ness of it. A maxi-dress is the obvious choice, but I’m not so keen on hippie-style dresses for myself. Any ideas, my clever readers? Patterns or styles that jump to mind?

[UPDATE: Oooh, the suggestions are rolling in fast- thanks!  One clarification though- the picture above shows the whole width of the fabric- it’s not folded lengthwise.  The white is only on one edge. So something like a knee-length skirt or sheath (especially on my short little legs) would be almost ALL border and barely incorporate the blue, even if I cut off most of the white. Sorry, I should have wrapped the fabric around myself to give you an idea of just how deep that floral border is (and I think Katherine is right- now that I look at it, they do kind of look like nasturtiums, not poppies!)]