Well, gosh, you guys are all so helpful with your sleeve board/seam roll advice! Thanks! (BTW, thank you as well for your concern, and I realize I may have misled you into thinking that I’m relying on rusty stumps. I do have decent pins too, it’s just that they’re not all new and shiny and sharp, and I keep them all mixed up together. And I don’t toss them until they’re really blunt or bent beyond usefulness. In fact, I did just open a new box this weekend- not the fancy flower head kind (my favorite), but perfectly serviceable. So no pins for me on today’s shopping trip!) Since I have your ear, I’m going to bug you for more advice. Because if I’m going to take advantage of you, I’m going to do it to the fullest extent possible. Here we go.

What buttons for this, do you think?

It’s the McCall 5525 jacket, now partially lined, partially topstitched, yet to be hemmed, and probably you’re sick of seeing it by now. The blush pink lining is more transparent than I would like (you can see the polka dots in the seam allowances running down the middle) but I’m not sorry that I worked on it yesterday rather than waiting to buy more opaque lining. Sometimes when you feel like sewing and find the scraps of time in which to do it, you’ve just got to give in to it, transparent lining and all.

I’m still considering button bands and carriers for the sleeves too. And once I get some yet-to-be-purchased pressing apparatus, I’ll fix up those unpressed sleeve seams right away.

But more urgent for the time being is the issue of buttons. I’m no button connoisseur; I don’t get excited about fancy buttons or vintage buttons or button stores. A vast selection fills with me terror rather than joy. If I haven’t purchased them in advance, I usually just take the garment with me to the store and hold up various buttons against the garment until I find something that doesn’t clash or draw too much attention to itself. And I love doing matching fabric covered buttons because then I really don’t have to bother with any button-related design decisions. But fabric covered isn’t going to be an option for this polka dot monster. So what do you say?  Coordinating cream color to match the background? Something wood-toned? Leather? Try to find something to match the green?

Please weigh in, dear readers, before I go to the store tonight!

(Wow, given that I’m asking you to make all of my sewing decisions for me, I may as well just ask you to do all of my sewing for me too. I hope you all know the right response to that request by now though.)