I’m going to Washington D.C.  for part of next week on confidential non-sewing-related government business. For those of you who automatically assume that anything that comes out of the Selfish Seamstress’s mouth is a lie, you’re usually correct, but this time I’m sort of telling the truth. In fact, my secret work for the government is part of why I haven’t gotten much sewing done in the last several days and don’t expect to for at least the next week or so. (If you were wondering, the DC visit is unrelated to recent alien abduction events. Also, I’m not involved in a lawsuit- they haven’t caught up to me yet.)

Once again, I don’t expect to have too much time spare time for shopping, but one never knows. (Does anything involving the federal government ever take less time than expected??) So, those of you in the know, where should I be doing my fabric shopping if schedules should permit? Where do the hip D.C. sewers (particularly those who are getting around via public transit) spend their time and money?