The April issue of Burda is due out on March 17, but they haven’t put the full preview online yet.  Interestingly, there’s a new preview up now that is different from the one last week– some of the same stuff, some new stuff, and some stuff gone.  (Remember the mysterious shirtless guy?  He’s gone from the preview now!) No technical drawings yet, but some of the new stuff in the preview is cute!

[UPDATE: Thanks to Tenshi, who unearthed the full preview by digging in the issues archive! Brilliant! Shirtless guy doesn’t make an appearance though, so I guess we’ll have to wait until we see the issue to understand what his deal was?]

Cute skirt!

Reminds me a little of Simplicity’s Cynthia Rowley skirt pattern:

I don’t think this style would work for short-legged, boxy-figured me, but I bet it could be pretty cute on you.

I’m also really liking this dress- love the graceful neckline which is off-the-shoulder without being evocative of bad 80’s looks that I don’t care to revisit, and I like their color choice of willow green, so nice for spring.  I wish it fit the model better though, as she’s swimming in it through the waist and hips:

I’m intrigued by this next dress as well- from what I can see of it, it hangs very gracefully and seems to have a lovely minimal aesthetic. I would be miffed that the entire front is blocked from view, but that would require me to be miffed at an adorable silvery kitten, and even the Selfish Seamstress isn’t cold enough to hold a grudge against a kitten:

And for those of you who indulge in a little schadenfreude, crafts previews are back. And this time, they’re accessories! (Read: Intended to be worn.  Out of the house.  Really!)

First up to whet your appetite, we have some NO:

Then as a palate cleanser I offer you a bit of NO:

For those of you who are still hungry, you might try some NO:

And finally, to finish it off, a dainty morsel of NO:

BTW, I feel fairly certain that they didn’t even make a real version of this cuff (that’s what it is, right? Hard to tell out of context)- is it just me or do those colored shapes look Photoshopped on? Scroll back up to the first belt- also looks like Photoshop! Mmmm… trivial sewing-related conspiracy theory….

Well, whatever BurdaMag is doing, they’ve certainly gotten me curious to see the whole preview. Inexplicably shirtless guys? Potential prettiness hidden behind kittens? Bracelets that may or may not exist in real life? Oh, BurdaMag, you tease.