I guess by now, people have picked up on this new (?) site called Seamingly.com? I learned about it after Meredith P. alerted me to it in a comment (Thank you, Meredith!) I think it’s supposed to be a clearinghouse for sewing related websites, but as far as I can tell, it’s just an index based on a popularity metric, in which popularity is not determined by site traffic or visits, but through Seamingly’s own voting widget which bloggers/site managers are meant to install on their own sites so that visitors can click on it to vote, or votes cast on Seamingly’s site. Hmm.  (Don’t worry, I’m not going to put a widget here and ask you to vote for me. Why would I ask you to vote for me unless I could actually get a prize out of it?? Ha!)

My own blog has been listed there, and to whoever added it, thank you; I am flattered that you consider mine one of your favorites and that you wanted to share that. If there were any love in the Selfish Seamstress’s lump-of-rock heart, she would give it to you.

That being said, I’m not quite sure what to take away from Seamingly just yet.  It’s possible that they’ll be adding more information and content in the future, but as of now, it’s just an index.  I love new visitors and repeat visitors and having more people along for the snark ride, and if Seamingly helps people find new content to love, well, more power to them. I guess some people might go there to discover new sewing sites – has anyone done that yet?  Personally I tend to rely on other blogs and Google searches to discover new content and blogs, rather than big page o’ links. It feels a bit like visiting someone’s blog and finding that there are no posts, just the sidebar of “Other Sewing Pages I Visit.”  (Speaking of which, I know, I know, I have to update mine!) I personally am more interested to know what a great sewing blogger like Lindsay or Nancy or Amanda reads, than I am in scanning a big anonymous collection of links. Is that just me though?

Maybe it’s also just me but somehow the idea of a popularity contest takes away some of my enthusiasm for blogging. Despite the (obviously facetious) Selfish Seamstress Nemesis posts, I’m generally not fond of comparing myself to others or being measured up against others, especially in things that are supposed to be my enjoyable and relaxing hobbies (i.e. sewing and blogging.) I don’t run Google analytics- I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many unique visitors I get per day or where they’re from. I’m certainly not interested in whether that number is more or less than Erica, Gertie, or Cidell get, nor am I interested in knowing whether they are more or less willing to vote for my site over theirs. (Plus, seriously, their blogs are so much more useful if you want to actually learn stuff about sewing. You should really stop by and see them.I’m just here to waste your time and get you in trouble for reading snark at work.)

Anyway, is this new site something I *should* pay attention to? Will this actually draw in new readers (cool!) or is it just a popularity contest (yawn)? Is it worth my while to make an effort to get up in the ranks? Would anyone (myself or others) benefit from that? In short, should I care?