Made some minor progress last night on my knockoff of the Anthropologie Verite dress.  Adjusted some of the fit on the bodice and drafted a skirt for it.  The fit is pretty good overall now, but the drapey-ness of the fabric is starting to worry me, as it’s causing some wrinkles in the bodice that I’m not sure will go away once I put in the boning.  Maybe I should take it apart and interline all the pieces with muslin?  Sigh, all that topstitching to unpick. I might first try lining with silk taffeta to give it some more body. Anyway, here it is in its current state, shown with a black belt because I don’t have a brown one yet.  

Hmm- there is a big crease in the skirt that I thought I pressed out.  Anyway, all that’s left (if I don’t underline the bodice) is to do a lining with facings, add the boning, insert zipper, hem, and that should be it. [I took my head out of the photo because it looks crazy. Crazy head!]