I’ve now skipped out on three consecutive issues of Burda, and am really hoping that they put out a pattern soon that I just can’t wait to have. The February sneak peek went up on their website today, and once again, there aren’t any I-must-have-it garments, but some are not bad. First up, a Chanel style jacket:

I often think about making such a jacket, especially after seeing some of the beautiful ones that others have sewn, but I’m not sure how it would look on me or if I’d feel comfortable wearing it.  Somehow I get the feeling I’d look like a little kid wearing grown-up clothes, rather than a lady in her proper habiliments. I guess you need the right attitude to pull it off.  Next up, a very washed out photo:

I’m not sure if this is for the jacket or the dress (skirt?) but both look pretty cute. As almost always, the most classy and wearable clothes in the issue are the plus sizes:

Given that there are a lot fewer plus patterns than Misses’ patterns in Burda, I can understand why they save their risk-taking for the Misses’ patterns and stick to classy and pretty for the plus patterns. But I’d really love if Burda would take this tack with a few more of the Misses’ patterns too! And since I mentioned it, here are your Misses’ size garments in various flavors of crazy:

I have to give Burda props for going all out with the accessorizing on this one. Not just an oversized fringed vest, but an oversized fringed vest with a piece of rope for a scarf, and some strappy leather armwarmers (oh gosh, yet another set of words ending in “armwarmers” that I never thought I’d string together!)

Actually I’m not sure if this is crazy or if it just reminds me of Rei Kawakubo’s groundbreaking Comme des Garçons shirtdress from 1992, which *is* kind of crazy, albeit ingenious. In truth, Burda’s version is a pretty innocuous nightshirt, which might even be a perfectly fine dress if belted. Also, I think the plaid might be throwing me off. I don’t know.  It’s not crazy.  But she looks like she’s dressed a little frumpy for holding hands with her boyfriend Mr. Chiselyjaw McHotterson-hyphen-Helllllloooo. Go put on your nice Chanel-style jacket, sweetie.

And finally…… crafts!

Hmmmm.  This is actually kind of disappointing… is it just me or are these crafts somehow less mockworthy than those of previous issues? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t particularly like these projects. I would not make either of these things or want them in my house (especially stick with featherballs leaning against couch.) But it seems like Burda is getting closer to the mark in that these are actually bona fide craft projects- not my taste, but still somehow more legitimate than weirdo stick bundles and frankenpurse. Like you might actually learn some techniques that come in handy from making featherballs or newspaper roll mirrors that you could apply towards something really cool. 

I need to think about this for a while. My world is feeling a little upside down now. If I can’t entertain you by mocking Burda crafts, then what do I have left to bring to the table?? Anyway, fingers crossed for the full February preview which should be online soon- I miss my Burda!