Selfish Seamstress readers, you are AWESOME. So far, your purchases of Selfish Seamstress Haiku mugs have garnered $43.35 to be donated to the Atlanta Humane Society!  So, just in time for the holidays (especially if you’re like me and wait until the last minute to shop or have a tendancy to bail on actually sewing things for people), I’ve added Selfish Seamstress Haiku shirts and tote bags to the Selfish Seamstress Store! Head over there for all your favorite snarky sewing haikus on gifts for your favorite selfish seamstress (yourself, right?) or pick up some for your sewing buddies to make sure that THEY OWE YOU IN 2010. As always, ALL of the royalties I receive from sales will be donated to the Atlanta Humane Society.

IMPORTANT THING #1: Please navigate to the Selfish Seamstress Store by using one of the links on my blog, rather than from a bookmark or from Zazzle’s homepage.  The reason for this is that if you buy something after navigating from my link, Zazzle will double the royalty (your cost remains the same), meaning  30% of your purchase price will be donated to the Atlanta Humane Society, rather than 15%. (The remaining cost goes to Zazzle for producing the items and staying in business.)

IMPORTANT THING #2: You can get ANY haiku you want on ANY shirt/mug/tote.  That means that if you love the “Bite me, holidays” haiku, but want it on a tank top or long sleeve T instead of a short sleeved ringer baby T, you can have it!  Just click on the shirt with the haiku you want, and customize it!

IMPORTANT THING #3:  Your generosity to the sweet little animals in Atlanta has melted the Selfish Seamstress’s tiny-shard-of-ice-for-a-heart ever so slightly.  Therefore, I pledge to match all of the royalties earned from Selfish Seamstress products until the end of the year up to $200 in donations to the Atlanta Humane Society.  So, buy your stuff by clicking on a link on my blog; 30% of your purchase price will get donated, and I will match the amount and donate that too for a whopping 60%!

Also, Zazzle is having a deal for the next three days- if you purchase $50 worth of stuff, shipping is free.  So, in case you just need to have the entire set of mugs, postage is gratis :)  Be selfish and buy stuff for yourself!  Be unselfish and buy selfishness-themed gifts for someone else!  Do both and help puppies and kitties!  This is blowing my freakin’ mind.