I’m in San Francisco for work (Palo Alto actually), cooped up in all day meetings, and as predicted I haven’t had any time to visit any of the longing-inducing fabric shops you all mentioned (thanks for the suggestions though! I’ll schedule time next time I come out.) And definitely no time for sewing. But that doesn’t stop me from scouring the web for more things I wish I had time to make. Check out this gorgeous 1960s cocktail dress from Posh Girl Vintage, one of the most covet-worthy sites I know:

More specifically, have a look at the wonderful draping on the bodice- I just love this:

This is making me wish I knew the first thing about draping, and had a nice pinnable dressform in my size. (I’ve posed this question before, but if anyone knows where to get a basic French non-adjustable dressform that you can pin into in a SMALL size -bust 30″ or so- at a reasonable price, let me know!) It’s on my ever growing list of things I’ll never get around to making.

That’s it for now– I head home tomorrow night, so I hope to have some real sewing to share with you soon!