Oh, Burda, Burda, Burda.  I know it’s a Fasching costume and realism goes out the window when you decide to dress like a pirate, but must we be subjected to your infatuation with one-sleeved garments in every aspect of the wardrobe?  It looks like January 2010 will be the third consecutive issue that fails to acknowledge the conventional wisdom that sleeves are generally best when they occur in even numbers, ideally zero or two. Perhaps they’ve been too busy refashioning their website to sew a second sleeve.  Didn’t stop them from making a pirate armwarmer though. Wow. There’s two words I never thought I would string together.

Once again, there’s nothing in the Burda Modemagazin/Style/WoF preview to tempt me to renew my subscription (though we’ll see when the full preview comes out in a few weeks). And if you can’t say something nice, you may as well make fun of stuff so everyone can have a good laugh. So let’s mock the crafts together, ok?

Right.  So this is a chair that has been studded with the word “Rock” on the back.  I have to say, unless you tape a bunch of printouts of band equipment (Burda, seriously? Printouts? Again with the 3-minute prep for the photoshoot??) to the wall right next to it, and prop a cheesey electric bass against the side of it, this chair is not exactly rockin’. Add to that the fact that “Rock” is the German word for “Skirt” and you really have to be wondering what the good folks at our favorite German sewing magazine were thinking. In what context would one actually have this in one’s house?  Let’s move on and see what else we’ve got this month:

I don’t know where to go with this one.   Except to suggest that BurdaStyle magazine may want to reconsider the recent inclusion of the word “Style” in its new title.  This doesn’t even look symmetrical to me.  It’s making my eyes explode. Someone help me out here.  What is going on???