I’m going to Atlanta for the next five days for work (yes, unfortunately the Selfish Seamstress hasn’t been able to find an employer who will pay her to be a grand royal beeyatch full-time, so she has a day job as a professor and does the beeyatch thing for free on the side. Though some of her grad students might argue that the distinction is awfully blurry.) I won’t be sewing, but don’t fret, I’ve got some stuff queued up for you in the blog including my favorite Burda WoF pattern and some new haiku. So stop crying because I WILL slap so help me sweet jeebus I WILL.

Anyway, I don’t know that I’ll have time for anything non-work-related (nor will I have a vehicle), but just in case the opportunity presents itself, does anyone have any good fabric recommendations for Atlanta?

[Detail-oriented readers will recall that Sasa is a native Atlantan, and yes, I did live there for several years while I was a student and that is where we met. But back then I wasn’t a Selfish Seamstress, but rather just a Selfish Regular Person (which wouldn’t make for much of a blog title). And I don’t recall having taken note of anything other than Hancock’s and home dec stores while there.]