Remember this Vera Wang brocade fabric?

I was contemplating making the Michael Kors Vogue 1117 dress from it for a while. Well, after having received Vogue 1117 and looked over the instructions, I’m thinking that the fabric might be a bit too rigid for the pattern. I’m going to hold out for a lightweight menswear fabric for it. But I was just trolling ModCloth and found this dress, which I think is the perfect cut for the brocade:

It’s just right, I think- I wanted something with some nice structured pleats (the fabric is just dying to be pleated) and after playing with the fabric a bit, I also wanted a little bit of fullness in the skirt, but again, something structured. So, game plan switched up again.  It’ll probably be months before I even think about starting this anyway.

But as for ModCloth, it’s one of those sites that makes me want to sew stuff.  I know for a lot of hobby seamstresses, Anthropologie has this effect on them, but for me it’s ModCloth.  There are the dresses that look like they’d be fun to draft:

And those that look like they’d be fun to drape:

I save all of the images in a folder where I keep sewing inspiration and then never get around to actually making them :)

Here’s a prime target for D.I.Y. Check out this insanely simple dress (by Betsey Johnson) that showed up today on ModCloth:

100% polyester with 100% polyester lining, for $428!  I don’t love it, but is anyone else starting to see why ModCloth makes me say, “I think I’ll make that!  And that…. and that…. and that…”