I managed to acquire a double needle and got around to finishing the edges of top #114 from the 10.2005 issue of Burda Modemagazin.  It bothers me that I still can’t seem to photograph the amazing color of this knit fabric accurately.  The real color has nothing to do with cerulean and everything to do with deep, intensely saturated, greenish teal.  Here’s a photo of the top taken outside with the color all wrong, and then a photo I edited that shows a somewhat more accurate color for the top, with somewhat less accurate color for the rest of me.

P1060035 P1060035_2

I don’t have a photo editing program on this computer that will let me just edit the color of the top, so I’ll just have to leave it to your imagination.

I love a good cowl neck and this top was a breeze to put together.  In fact, the most time consuming part was grading the pattern down to my size and tracing it all out. I like the skinny fit a lot and the cowl can be arranged in a lot of graceful ways.  (Though I seem to have chosen “dorky” mode for the photo.  Oh well.)

All in all, this pattern has a pretty high style to effort ratio.  And the fact that it doesn’t require accurate fitting is suggesting to me that this might be a good pattern for some holiday presents for my sisters, who are themselves neither selfish nor seamstresses, and who, to the best of my knowledge, do not read my blog and will therefore not have the surprise spoiled.

What.  Don’t look at me like that.  It’s not my fault that I’m not an only child and occasionally have to engage in some S.W.A.G. (Sewing With A Grudge).