I spent about 17 hours in transit today between flights, waiting at airports, and getting to and from the airport.  So what’s a Selfish Seamstress to do upon arriving home after a long, exhausting journey? Pull out her new Swiss fabric, a back issue of Burda (bought off of German Ebay), and get to work tracing, cutting, and stitching, of course. Here’s tonight’s progress on model 114 from the 10.2005 issue:


Sorry, Dan passed out hours ago from jet lag, so you’re getting a crappy self-taken photo. 

This is my first experience sewing with a knit with any real stretch to it. It was surprisingly easy to work with.  I don’t own a serger (boo hoo!) so I used the stretch stitch on my machine.  The knit didn’t ravel or roll much and behaved well under the needle. The fabric is super soft and I’m crazy about the color.

The pattern is ridiculously simple.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever made a garment that only has four pattern pieces.  In the past I’ve usually had a bias towards complicated patterns, but this may make a convert of me. I still have to finish the sleeve edges, hem, and collar edge, but as it turns out, I don’t own a double needle so it’ll have to wait a few days until I can go out and buy one. 

Home for five and a half hours and I almost have a whole new top to show for it.  I should probably unpack my suitcase before I go to bed. Obviously, the Selfish Seamstress knows where her priorities are.