The complete preview for the first issue of Burda of the new decade is now online!  I have to say, it’s better than I was expecting, given the rather inauspicious sneak preview that they posted a couple of weeks ago. There’s still nothing in it that is making me feel like I *have* to have this issue, but there are a couple of items with potential.  I’ve categorized them into these categories: 1) Yes, That Looks Good, 2) Probably, But in a Different Fabric, 3) Cute, But I Can Get it at Old Navy so do I Want to Sew it?, and 4) I Think This has Potential, But Something Needs to Change.

First up, Yes, That Looks Good:

000001819552There’s another version of this in the magazine in a sort of pink satiny fabric which is not good. But in a menswear fabric with that single, elegant, diagonal pleat- that’s just right.

Next up, Probably, But in a Different Fabric:

000001822011Yikes.  I feel like I’m in a science filmstrip about molecules or bacteria or something. This must be what it’s like to be inside a DNA double helix looking out.  It’s taking all of my seamstress visionary capabilities (which aren’t much in the first place) to picture this in navy blue  with a pair of chunky, 1940s-inspired tan heels. Ah, that’s better.

Cute, But I Can Get it at Old Navy so do I Want to Sew it?

000001821918000001821953I’m having trouble figuring out why I would expend the effort to make these things when I could be sewing other stuff, but they are pretty cute nonetheless.

And lastly, I Think This has Potential, But Something Needs to Change:

000001819568000001821925000001822064The turquoise coat has a nice vintage feel to it, but obviously I would require less muppet skin trim and less bedazzlement. The short jacket- I don’t know.  Something about the shape appeals to me, but something about it is off.  Might be the fabric choices, but I don’t know what would be better.  Grey plaid wool maybe?  And the last coat is nice but boring except for the topstitching.  It’d be a good to use as a block.  Some extra detailing and some more interesting fabric, and it’d be a winner.

All in all, nothing I’m dying to make but on the whole not bad.  May have to renew that subscription now.